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By the farmer, For the farmer, Of the farmer!

 KeyShaan has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to quality, performance and exceptional customer care. Through our extensive selection of services and expansive inventory, we go above and beyond to ensure your needs are not just met, but exceeded. To learn more, get in touch today.

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Who We Are

KeyShaan aims to provide the small and marginal farmers with less than 2ha of land, the means and support they need to get good produce and the aid they require to supply the products to the market without the presence of a middleman.

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Quality seeds

At the right time

We provide good quality seeds in the sowing season for timely planting. Seed quality plays an important role in the production of agronomic and horticultural crops. Seeds are the foundation of agriculture. Technology has modernized much of farming's day-to-day operations, but without a steady supply of high-quality seed, yields, and crop quality would be greatly decreased.

Efficient machinery

Time efficiency

It will help them to produce the required kind of goods in the quantity demanded, unlike the traditional days where humans and horses were excessively used. Our arm machinery improves the quality of goods and boosts agricultural & food production in the market.


Good capacity

This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers and is provided with the highest level of excellence. With our warehouse, Surplus commodities that are not needed immediately can be stored in warehouses. They can be supplied as and when needed by the customers. Our warehouses will provide the facilities for packing, processing, and grading of goods.

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